Swedish Women Writers on Export in the 19th Century – a research project at the University of Gothenburg

The aim of this project is to investigate the export of Swedish literature, the transnational transmission and reception of literary texts in the 19th century. In contrast to the traditional construction of a national literary history, which often acknowledges the impact of foreign literature and literary movements on Swedish literature, this project will produce a new and deeper historical understanding of how literature travels, disseminates, migrates, and is renegotiated in the process. This is done by tracing international reception, e.g. translations, references in the press, texts in encyclopedias and short surveys etc., and by means of both close readings and digital methods of analyzing data. With its main focus on women writers in the international literary market, the project will also confirm women’s importance as cultural mediators across borders. Five authorships have been chosen to illustrate essential periods and dominating genres in this project, as well as specific problems of reception: Julia Nyberg (romantic poetry), Fredrika Bremer and Emilie Flygare-Carlén (the domestic and realistic novel), Anne-Charlotte Leffler (the drama of the Modern Breakthrough), and Selma Lagerlöf (neo-romanticist prose writing around 1900).

The project is funded by the Swedish Research Council 2014–2017

Contact: Yvonne Leffler, research director, yvonne.leffler@lir.gu.se

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