Translating the Literature of Small European Countries, Bristol 8–10 September

Excellent report from the conference Translating the Literature of Small European Countries in Charles Forsdick’s Translation Cultures blog, including the contributions from Gunilla Hermansson and Yvonne Leffler:

“The final panel contained papers on ‘Exporting Literature’, with Şule Demirkol Ertürk analysing the role of publishers in re-contextualizing and legitimating literary translations, through the example of re/translations of Tanpınar’s Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü / The Time Regulation Institute; Gunilla Hermansson and Yvonne Leffler providing historical texture in a reflection on gender, genre and nations drawing on their current project Swedish Women Writers on Export in the Nineteenth Century, including fascinating discussion of the imagined translations of the Romantic poet Julia Nyberg; and Uroš Tomić and Milan Miljković reading Serbian culture in translation.”

Full blog post here.


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