Transition between ‘the Nordic countries’ and ‘Europe’, IASS-Conference in Groningen 9-13 August 2016

Het Academiegebouw in Groningen

“Het Academiegebouw” in Groningen, built in 1907-09 by J.A.W. Vrijman (1865-1954).

Several aspects on the delicate balance between ‘the global’ (the international) and ‘the local’ (the national) in connection to Scandinavian studies were explored during this IASS in Groningen 2016.

Swedish Women Writers on Export organized the first session “(Re)writing transliterary history”. The research group participated with three papers on different aspects of transcultural reception of Swedish literature in the nineteenth century and the construction of a nation’s cultural heritage.

Yvonne Leffler opened the session with a brief presentation of the aims of the ongoing


Yvonne Leffler

research project “Swedish Women Writers on Export”. Thereafter Åsa Arping and Leffler presented their results on the export of Swedish nineteenth century novels and the dominance of women writers, such as Fredrika Bremer, Emilie Flygare-Carlén, and Marie Sophie Schwartz. Jenny Bergenmar elaborated on the international representation of Selma Lagerlöf, Sweden and Swedish literature after Lagerlöf was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1909. Among other things, Bergenmar discussed how Lagerlöf’s “Swedishness” was constructed on the international arena. The associated guest researcher Magdalena Wasilewska-Chmura (Krakow) discussed the export of Swedish novels into Polish. She confirmed the successful reception of Marie Sophie Schwartz’s novels in Poland and gave some illuminating example of the translation of Schwartz’s novels into Polish.


Jenny Bergenmar

The presentations were followed by many questions and a lively discussion about the necessity, as well as consequences, of rewriting a transliterary history of Swedish literature.


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