Visiting guest researcher and Ph D-student, Ursula Stohler and Mimi Nielsen

September- October 2016 Dr Ursula Stohler, Zürich, spend five weeks with the research group working on some of Emilie Flygare-Carlén’s and Marie Sophie Schwarz’s texts translated into German and Czech. She is also working on the publishing houses in Germany in the mid-nineteenth century in relation to the circulation of Swedish novels in German translations.

Dr Ursula Stohler’s visit was combined with a seminar on “Reception on Swedish novel in Eastern Central Europe 1840-1910”. Other invited scholars to the seminar were Dr Magdalena Wasilewska-Chmura (Krakow), Dr Ondřej Vimr (Prague), Dr Ildikó Annu, Budapest.

The workshop was combined with a workshop on a coming publication on “The transcultural transmission of Swedish literature and especially Emilie Flygare-Carlén and Marie Sophie Schwartz into Central and Eastern Europe”, editor Yvonne Leffler.

October- December 2016 Ph. D-student Mimi Nielsen, Washington University (Seattle) is visiting the research group in order to work on her coming thesis on the Swedish and American reception of Emilie Flygare-Carlén. During her time in Gothenburg Yvonne Leffler is her supervisor.

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