Bibliographies and the digital humanities

On November 8 Yvonne Leffler and Jenny Bergenmar were invited to the National Library of Sweden to speak about the role of bibliographies in the digital humanities and in the writing of transnational literary history at a research seminar (program here). Yvonne Leffler discussed how we have used bibliographies and library catalogues as sources for the mapping of translations of the works of Swedish women writers in the 19th century, and Jenny Bergenmar how bibliographies in combination with computational methods allow for a translingual and transcultural literary history, whereas text mining of literary texts usually includes just one language (normally English).

The seminar was occasioned by the publication of the bibliography Lettres nordiques: une bibliographie, 1720–2013 by Denis Ballu, available as pdf here. The bibliography is an excellent tool for anyone working on the cultural transmission between the Nordic countries and France. Denis Ballu was present at the seminar and discussed the challenges he encountered in his work and necessary methodical considerations.

Blog post from the National Library about the seminar (in Swedish) here.

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