Åsa Arping, PhD, Associate Professor in Comparative literature, Senior Lecturer, and Associate Head of Department for Education. Her latest book is”Hvad gör väl namnet?”. Anonymitet och varumärkesbyggande i svensk litteraturkritik 1820–1850” [”What’s in a name?”. Anonymity and Branding in Swedish literary criticism 1820–1850].


Jenny Bergenmar, PhD, Associate Professor in Comparative Literature and Senior Lecturer. Jenny Bergenmar is currently finishing the research project Readers Responding to Selma Lagerlöf. The Public’s Letters to the Author 1891-1940.

Gunilla Hermansson, PhD, Associate Professor in Comparative Literature. Her latest book is Lyksalighedens øer. Møder mellem poesi, religion og erotik i dansk og svensk romantik (Isles of Felicity. Crossings of poetry, religion and eroticism in Danish and Swedish Romanticism, 2010). She is currently working on  a monograph on  expressionism and prose fiction in the Nordic countries 1910-1930.

Birgitta Johansson, PhD in Comparative Literature with a specialization in theatre. She is currently working on the research project “Emotion and liberation – sentimental and melodramatic elements in women’s socio-realistic plays of the modern breakthrough”. She also is Director of Studies in Theatre Studies and also teaches courses in the subject.


Yvonne Leffler, PhD, Professor in Comparative Literature with two main research venues: Swedish nineteenth century novels and popular fiction. In “Jag har fått bref…” Den tidiga svenska brevromanen 1770 – 1870 (2007)  the birth of the Swedish epistolary novel is investigated and in Horror as Pleasure: the Aesthetics of Horror Fiction (2000) she focuses on the aesthetic of the horror film and horror novel. In 2007 she published a critical edition of the 1859 novel Ett köpmanshus i skärgården, authored by Swedish West Coast writer Emile Flygare-Carlén and she is currently working on Swedish popular writer Signe Björnberg, more commonly known as Sigge Stark.




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